Cavium’s Octeon TX Bridges The Data Plane And Control Plane With Multi-core ARM

Cavium is a company known for building processors that can accelerate the hardest networking tasks, real-time packet processing, and the company does it by building chips with a lot of CPU cores and accelerators. The company currently offers two separate products for control plane and data plane applications. For the data plane, Cavium offers the Octeon product family with up to 96 cores using the MIPS-instruction set (from Imagination Technologies Group Plc). And for the control plane, Cavium offers the ThunderX, with up to 48 cores using the 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set (from ARM Holdings). However, as network architectures are changing around virtualization (SDN & NFV) and data analytics are being considered at every point in the network, the demands of network processors are changing.

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